US2A ultrasound device

Ultrazvukový přístroj US2ADo you lack courage or money to undergo a liposuction surgery?

Try this out!

US2A ultrasound device– ultrasons double action – French quality in the field of body shaping devices on the Czech market.

Innovation in the field of fat tissue reduction based on mechanical methods.

US2A – double ultrasound effect, is a unique device which works simultaneously or separately in two setting modes.

The ultrasound brings impact on fat tissues either in a mechanical or stimulating way, depending on the frequency chosen. By changing the frequency, the deepness of the impact changes. At low frequency of 30 Hz and performance of 2 W/cm2, the ultrasound brings impact on subcutaneous fat mechanically and removes visible marks of orange peel skin. At a higher frequency of about 500 Hz, it activates nerve-endings and promotes lipolysis – dissolution of the fat cells within the subcutis. In this case, the performance is lower and the function of the device is rather stimulating.

By applying ultrasound waves, molecules of fat cells start to oscillate, their membrane becomes disrupted and lipolysis occurs (fat cell disruption). At the same time, local blood circulation is promoted and the tissue is warmed up.

Fat cells and products of lipolysis are further washed away through lymphatic system and subsequently cleared away in a natural way from the body.

The treatment is completely painless, a special conductive gel is applied on the electrodes, amplifying the effects of the treatment and the electrodes are subsequently put on the area of abdomen, back, hips, thighs, buttock, eventually knees and calves or arms. The treatment is accompanied with mild and pleasant tingling and feeling of warmth.

Sufficient application time is 20 minutes.

The results of the treatment are discernible as early as after 3 applications, their number depending on the thickness of the fat layer. Usually, we recommend 6 to 10 sessions, twice or three times a week.

We recomend entire resolving of the problem with our specialists (see Effective weight reducing program, body mass index survey, total body fat, nutritional supplements), because the only mechanical devices treatment has no effect for whole life.


  • Kidney diseases
  • Cancer diseases
  • Fresh scars after recently undergone surgery
  • IUD – less than 4 weeks after the induction
  • Metal objects inside body (endoprotesis, cardiac pacemaker)
  • Varicosis, thrombosis within the medical history

Relative contraindications:

  • Pregnancy (not to be performed within the area of lower abdomen and abdomen)

This modern technology allows to work upon the afflicted area within the maximum surface of 42 points and, due to its exclusive know-how, it is an appliance guaranteeing the highest possible efficiency of cellulite and fat mass reduction in an absolutely painless way.

It is very recommendable to subsequently treat the body with massaging devicec Starvac and Pneuven (mechanical lymphatic drainage).

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