Reflex therapy

Feet massage

By applying reflex therapy on the feet, we can exert influence on the reflex zones which affect our body in a positive way. Referral areas of all the organs, glands and other parts of the body including the spine, joints and muscles that are somatically replicated on the feet (microsystem) might be influenced by this technique. By their correct stimulation, it is possible to significantly influence our health condition thanks to special reflexive linkages. Depending on the sensitivity of individual reflex zones, we can infer the condition of their correspondent organs and tissues. We can hereby find out which body systems are unbalanced and treat them accordingly immediately after the procedure, harmonizing their activity.

Reflexology is based on the complex consisting of acupressure, reflex zone therapy and manual therapy of joints and muscles.

This technique is appropriate for everybody who wants to loosen up, relax and escape from everyday stress and for everyone who suffers from neck blockades and related headaches.

Reflexology induces relaxation and relieves tension, promotes the inner balance and soothes pain.


  • Feet skin affected by inflammatory and/or fungus diseases
  • Feverish diseases
  • Oncologic diseases
  • Pregnancy
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