Mechanical lymphatic massage

In order to remove swellings and feeling of heavy legs and to improve the functioning of the lymphatic system, mechanical lymphatic drainage has been successfully used for a long time. Pneuven is a great help when trying to achieve this goal. It is a multifunctional device for sequential massage performed by pressing upper and lower limbs, abdomen and buttock. It promotes activity of the lymphatic and venous system, thus removing toxins and metabolites from tissues, helps to achieve more flexible skin, relieves symptoms of cellulite and shapes the body.

The device is connected to special leg and abdominal belts and/or sleeves to which air under pressure is driven. Chambers within the belts and sleeves get inflated and press on the excess liquid within the subcutaneous tissue and blood with lymph to expel them toward the centre of the body.

This leads to the following result:

  • Thighs, abdomen, buttock and hips are slimmer, smoother and tauter
  • Cellulite is removed/reduced
  • Swelling and „heavy legs“ alleviation
  • Skin regeneration and promotion of blood circulation in the skin
  • Body detoxification and promotion of healthy circulation of lymph

It is recommendable to use this device always after an application of Starvac vacuum massaging device and US2A ultrasound device in order to achieve the best remedial and cosmetic effects.

It is a very appropriate subsequent treatment after abdominal, hips, thighs and buttock liposuction and after some massages for rehabilitation and sport purposes.

Application of lymph drainage is however limited, it is thus necessary to consult its application with your general practitioner or other healthcare staff.

Minimum recommended number of sessions is 10 to 20, two or three times a week.

One session lasts about 30 minutes when combined with an application of a different device, if not combined (applied separately), the duration of the treatment is 45 minutes.

It is necessary to bring your own leggins and socks with you. It is also possible to buy single-use belts.

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