Cosmetics in pills, a comprehensive concept of beauty and youth for the 21st century

Nutritional supplements have become, in these ever more demanding times, a necessary component of everybody’s daily needs. We are more and more exposed to negative effects of stress, environmental influences, lack of physical exercise, lack of sleep and time. We also very often neglect to eat high quality and energetically balanced food, preferably prepared at home and in bio quality. It is often substituted by either instant food or fast food. Understandably, after some time, consequences of this lifestyle occur, such as fatigue and exhaustion, more frequent infections and incapacity to work, sleeping and immunity disorders, restlessness and weight gain or even overweight.

Our complexion, skin and hair also reflect the way in which we are affected by these external influences and what kind of quality nutrition we provide to our complexion, but not only to it. We are genetically programmed to age at a certain rate, but we can influence whether we age prematurely or not. Formulations applied externally in the form of creams, but most importantly, nutricosmetics containing substances which are essential for correct growth and development of the skin cells, significantly help to postpone occurrence of aging symptoms such as wrinkles, flabby complexion or moles and/or alleviate already existing symptoms. After their consumption, these substances get by blood circulation and through capillaries as far as to the dermis (cutis), where substances contained in standards cosmetic preparations cannot penetrate. As a result, elasticity of the skin and firmness of collagen are renewed, the skin is more tolerant to UV radiation, occurrence of moles on the skin is limited, cells are generally more protected against free radicals, body is regenerated and immunity system functions ameliorated. This is why we have decided to recommend you nutritional supplements offered by a renowned Czech producer who has been operating on the Czech market since 1995. We are absolutely convinced that these products are of the highest quality.

We can recommend you a combination of preparations according to your requirements, with focus on:

  • Stress elimination
  • Slenderness
  • Detoxification
  • Immunity
  • Beauty
  • Physical exercise and fitness
  • Anti-aging

These inexpensive nutritional supplements will provide you with energy, essential vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, probiotics, phytoestrogens, immunoglucans, coenzyme Q10, L-carnitine and many other substances that are essential for correct functioning of the cells.

Try out these high quality preparations which will help you to achieve not only beauty but, more importantly, health of your body.

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