Medical consultation for diagnostic purposes 400 CZK
Rejuvenation, revitalization of face, neck and the area above neckline
Stylage Hydro (1ml)
Stylage HydroMax (1ml)
Restylane Vital (1,0ml) starting with
Restylane Vital Light (1,0ml)
Restylane Vital Light( 2x 1,0ml) 1 500 CZK
Princess Rich (1,0ml)
Surgilift (1×1,0ml)
Vitamins, minerals (one area of treatment)
Vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid 5 000 CZK
Cellulite treatment
1 sessions 2 000 CZK
8 sessions (payment in advance) 14 000 CZK
(Česky) Novinky