Honey massage or honey body wrap

Honey massage with detoxifying effects works very efficiently against developed diseases. It may be however applied also when coping with stress, chronic diseases, aging problems or when undergoing spring detoxification cures.

When applying honey massage, toxins from the depths of the body are being removed and subsequently washed away towards the surface of the skin and are quite clearly distinguishable from the honey. This method removes deposits and all poisons received from the environment, food and medicaments which the body accumulated within its tissues during the whole life time. They are literally sucked away from the body with a movement of a hand.

Application of honey massage is also recommendable for people who suffer from joint diseases and rheumatism. It is effective as a means of revitalizing the organism exhausted by stress and unhealthy lifestyle. It will help you if you suffer from insomnia, headaches or digestion problems.


Detoxification effects, inner organs activity stimulated, strong revitalization of the whole organism when exhausted and weakened by stress, aging or disease, when suffering from tension, nervous disorders and restlessness. Brings you relaxation.


Allergy to honey, not to be applied on open wounds, damaged skin, eczema or eruptions, when suffering from tumours, gastric ulcers and stomach bleeding, high intraocular pressure, thrombosis, infectious diseases, feverish diseases, acute inflammatory diseases.

Please bear in mind that honey massage promotes significantly blood circulation within the skin.

(Česky) Novinky