Massage with lava stones

Special lava stones of excellent heat accumulation capacity are used when performing the massage. At the same time, the stones release anions of certain metals, thus promoting regeneration processes within the tissues. Lava stones are characterized by extraordinarily high energetic vibration and this characteristic is used to unblock blockades of important spots located within the meridian system (energy channels) and to normalize the flow of energy within the body. Aromatic oils might be used in order to enhance the effects of the procedure which will even multiply the feeling of total relaxation and ease.

Suitable for everybody who needs to loosen up, relax and escape from everyday stress. Especially suitable when suffering from long-lasting physical and mental exhaustion.

It will perfectly loosen up your body and mind, release you from stress, fatigue and tension. The method excellently stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic system.


  • Feverish diseases
  • Skin defects within the area of application
(Česky) Novinky