Indian head massage

Is a mild, healing treatment of head, neck, shoulders and upper parts of arms. It relieves everyday stress, headaches and eye pains, tension in the shoulders, neck and nape, leads to better hair quality, makes you feel at ease and, in general, harmonizes the body both physically and mentally.


Tension in crucial, pain-affected areas released, pain alleviated, life energy unblocked, joint mobility of the neck and shoulders restored, eye strain alleviated, headaches and migraine reduced, blood circulation encouraged, blood circulation in stiff muscles promoted, nervous system activity enhanced, circular and lymphatic system stimulated, better immunity system functioning, skin of the head covered by hair relaxed, hair growth promoted, hair quality enhanced, sleep disorders and insomnia removed, better concentration achieved etc…

Indian head massage affects positively not only your physical, but also your mental health at the same time. This technique helps you to cope with mental fatigue, irritability, relieves emotional distress and tension, frees you from anxiety and depression


  • infectious diseases
  • fever
  • local infection or inflammation
  • not to be applied when the patient is injured or shortly after operation, injury or accident tumours, epilepsy, psoriasis
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