Effective weight reducing program

Effective weight reducing program

Obesity – this modern day epidemic is today

considered a civilization disease, affecting one fifth to one quarter of the total population of developed countries including the Czech Republic. Obesity generally deteriorates health and mental condition and life quality of an obesity-sufferer.

Obesity leads to more frequent occurrence of many cardiovascular diseases (e.g. high blood pressure, cardiac infarction, stroke, varices, peripheral vascular disease, haemorrhoids), metabolism disorders (hyperlipidemy, diabetes, gout), gastrointestinal diseases (indigestion, heartburn, constipation, bile stones), locomotion problems (osteoarthridis, back pain), tumours (alarming prevalence of colon cancer in Czech population), mental disorders (eating disorders, depression, sleep disorders), gynaecological complications (infertility, complications during pregnancy), immunity disorders and many others.

As far as the cause and development of obesity goes, apart from genetic factors, unhealthy lifestyle plays a great role – stress, lack of physical exercise, diet consisting of inferior quality food and of unbalanced nutritional and caloric value. Meaning that we receive more energy from food than we are able to use (energy intake is permanently higher that energy expenditure).

Approximately after turning 25, an average woman loses about 11 pounds of muscle mass, an average man about 22 pounds. Because muscle mass burns much more energy than fat mass, standard metabolism thus decreases proportionally to the extent to which lean muscular mass was lost. Gradually, the excess energy from food is stored in a form of body fat, the percentage of fat tissue in the body increases, body metabolism decreases and if the individual does not regularly exercise any physical activity which is at least average demanding, or does not reduce his energy intake, he/she becomes overweight or even obese.

Provided we gained 5, 10, 20 kilograms over the last 5-10 years, it means that if we change nothing, we will gain 10, 20, 40 kg in the next 5-10 years!

Our goal thus will be:

  • Effective weight control (not just weight loss)
  • Risks control (blood tests, BMI – body mass index, blood pressure)
  • Family involvement (treatment support)
  • Setting realistic goals
  • Focus on adequate physical exercise
  • Regular, nutritionally and energetically balanced diet (individual diet, food/energy tables)
  • Help and assistance using medicaments and food supplements
  • Short-term dieting prohibited (avoiding the yo-yo effect)

With our help, you will lose your weight without unnecessary starving and stress!

(Česky) Novinky