Chocolate massage

This massage will not only unblock stiff muscles on the back, neck and limbs, but also provides you with mental relaxation thanks to intensive chocolate aroma. Firstly, a peel using a peeling paste is applied so that the active substances could enter into the skin more easily. Then, a pleasant, soothing massage using a chocolate cream follows, which will promote the blood pressure and body detoxification. The skin becomes soft and smooth. To make the massage even more intense, it is possible to apply a subsequent body wrap which will enhance the positive energy and well-being you will feel after this procedure.

Suitable for everybody who needs to loosen up, relax and escape from everyday stress. Especially suitable when suffering from long-lasting physical and mental exhaustion.

This exclusive cure affects all the senses of the body, it is perfect when trying to smoothen and beautify the skin, slows down the skin aging process, ameliorates your mental condition, leads to elation due to the release of endorphins (so called hormones of happiness) and contributes to the total relaxation.


  • Skin affected by inflammatory and/or fungus diseases
  • Feverish diseases
  • Oncologic diseases
  • Pregnancy
  • Allergy to chocolate
(Česky) Novinky