Botulinum toxin

Facelift without scalpel

Smoothing out the mimic wrinkles using botulinum toxin gains in popularity with non-surgical methods. When using this method, botulinum toxin A, also known as cosmetic botox, is applied into mimic muscles where it affects neuromuscular discs and temporarily inhibits activity of these muscles that are responsible for mimic wrinkles.

The most common parts of the body to which this method may be applied are:

  • Forehead
  • Glabella – region above the bridge of the nose and between the eyebrows
  • Exterior canthi
  • Less frequently neck and area above the neckline and/or chin
  • Axilla – armpits (excessive sweating treatment – hyperhidrosis)

Apart from wrinkles reducing, temporary elimination of headaches might occur.

Botox application is entirely or almost entirely painless. It is performed using several punctures with a very thin insulin needle and syringe into the mimic muscles in the regions where elimination of the wrinkles is desirable. The intervention is performed on an outpatient basis, lasts about ten minutes and does not hinder the patient from doing his/her common daily activities.

Moment when the effects start to occur and duration of the effects:

The effects of the botox treatment start to occur within one or two weeks and are able to last for more four or six months, fading away gradually. The recommended time span between repeated treatments is six months, it may be applied three times in a year at the most. Repeated use of botox leads to better results, precludes habit-forming facial expressions, thus prolonging the desired effects.

Every patient undergoes a rigorous examination by a physician before the treatment.

It is not recommended to use anti-inflammatory medicaments (acylpyrin, non-steroid antirheumatic agents, ibuprofen), blood diluting medicaments and antibiotics on the day of the application, and advisably a few days before the treatment, in order to exclude the possibility of bruises occurrence in the point of puncture or allergic reaction.

Contraindications of the application:

  • Blood coagulation disorders
  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Neuromuscular diseases in general (for example, myasthenia gravis)
  • Depression

Botox application when removing wrinkles is not limited by age, the age limit of the patients usually ranges from 20 to 65 years. In order to prevent the occurrence of wrinkles, it is also possible to use this method with younger patients.

Effects, and more importantly, safe use of botox have been verified throughout a couple of decades of application, not only in the field of aesthetic dermatology, but also in ophtalmology and neurology.

When performing corrective treatment of very deep wrinkle lines, it is recommendable to use other methods combined, one of the very efficient ones is a method during which wrinkle lines are filled with gel materials. These materials may be applied also in the regions previously treated by botox, preferably after a few days after its application.

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